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    About Us

    Beyond Extremes is a fashion house orchestrating liberal ideas and intuitive decision making married to humanity. We are crafting ways to create experiences that intuitively contribute to the present. We are respecting the past, imagining the future and contributing to the present. We create products that are a window to self-expression through design-driven intuition. We as an organization want to evoke how one feels and create tools for expression, making the world a better place in our own rhythm.

    The philosophy behind the name

    Extremes are the ends created by how you see the world and how the world sees you. You live when you do things beyond what you think are the extremes for you this being very subjective it is just doing things in your own rhythm and trusting destiny with shaping you and the world around you to make it a place where enduring life is of utmost importance.

    About creative director

    Born in 1998, Parth Doshi is the founder and creative director of the fashion house. He believes in the idea of playfully crafting experiences leading to products that cut across industries and are multidisciplinary in every way. He has this deep enthusiasm for the liberal world he wants to create that expresses, creates and nurtures the surrounding. With this brand, he intends to bring products to the world that pours in courage to believe in liberal ideas through intuitive decision making and humanity.

    About the Co-Founder

    Born in 1998, Rushang Shah is the operational backbone of this fashion label. He aligns his practical and commercial approach with Parth’s ideologies and philosophies to put it out in the real world. He believes in creating a culture where enduring life is more important than getting through it just achieving things.

    This is our attempt to make the world a better place in our own rhythm.